Colors Homeowners Love for Their Homes in 2024

This year’s trending interior design colors embody nature. Using 2024’s top paint colors in your Arlington, TX, home won’t result in a “trendy” look that quickly goes out of date. The year’s top colors include rich browns, deep burgundies, and the pastels of flower petals.

8 Trending Colors

In 2024, homeowners want to make bold statements in each room of their homes. To do this, they’re turning to assertive colors that provide a timeless look and pastels that evoke romance and luxury. While painting offers the easiest way to infuse your home with a new look, you’ll also spot these colors used in wallpaper designs this year. Let’s consider this year’s top eight colors.

  • Medium blue
  • Rich brown
  • Forest and earthy green
  • Deep neutrals, including plum and eggplant
  • Shades of black
  • Sophisticated pink and mauve
  • Warm red
  • Yellow tans, such as marigold and khaki

Wallpapers may combine more than one of these shades, such as a black marble design using marigold and mauve streaks or a woodgrain wallpaper that combines brown and black.

Using Color Trends in Your Home

You don’t have to repaint your entire home to update it. Statement and feature walls continue to offer homeowners a quick way to transform a room. For example, in a white or cream room, paint one wall with a window at its center black, then trim the window in a light pink. Hang curtains containing the year’s warm red with accents of pink, mauve, and marigold. You’ll instantly go from drab to wow with only a day’s work.

Perhaps you have something bigger in mind. We custom design your kitchen or bathroom using only hand-built cabinetry constructed locally in the DFW Metroplex. We construct cabinets in controlled environments, hand-finishing each one. Let us create high-quality, unique custom cabinetry for your home.

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How to Remodel a Bathroom and Kitchen for $50,000 or Less

Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen doesn’t have to cost a lot. If your budget caps at $50,000, that amount still provides plenty of funding to remodel your bathroom and kitchen. Let’s look at the many techniques for stretching a tight budget to produce a gorgeous home.

In the Kitchen

Rather than changing the structural items in the kitchen or adding cabinets, use the existing cabinets as a base. Strip their existing paint or varnish off, then repaint them. Remove cabinet doors to transform the storage into open shelving. Replace the cabinet hardware to complete the new look.

New appliances effectively update a kitchen. Shop smart for great buys by setting up price alerts for appliances that meet your needs. By purchasing when prices drop, you can make your money go further. Prioritize energy-efficient appliances that help you save money throughout the year by using less electricity.

Keep the same room footprint and layout to save more on the remodeling. Update lighting fixtures and paint the walls to make a big impact for little cost. Countertops can cost little and provide visual interest if you use quartz or laminate for the countertops.

Laminate flooring or vinyl roll flooring covers a large area like the kitchen for a small price tag. Either option provides an affordable way to put the look of marble or wood on your kitchen floor.

In the Bathroom

Structural changes create high costs in the bathroom, too, so avoid changing the room layout. Instead, install a walk-in shower and bath in place of the existing one. This simple renovation only takes about one day of work when done by a professional but updates the entire look of the bathroom. It also costs only $4,000 to $10,000.

Updating the bathroom vanity and sink doesn’t cost much, either. Many combination options cost less than $1,000.

In the bathroom, choose vinyl laminate flooring or vinyl tiles. Unless you have heated floors in your home, ceramic tile gets too cold for most people’s comfort.

Paint or wallpaper provides a cost-effective way to transform the room’s appearance. Add additional storage with floating wall shelves. These wall-mounted shelves hide their fasteners to create a clean look.

Hang a large mirror above the length of the bathroom vanity to create a seemingly larger space. Across from the mirror, create a collection of objects on a shelf or hang a large photo or painting.

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Why Should I Remodel My Kitchen?

Your kitchen is one of the most important places in your home. This is where you cook, entertain friends and make wonderful memories each week. A brand new kitchen allows you to make this space even more usable. 

Changing Family Circumstances 

Family circumstances change fairly often. When you have a baby, you’ll want enough space to make sure you can care for the new arrival. Another situation where you might need to redo your kitchen is as you age. This can make it harder to get things done. Remaking the kitchen with new fixtures that are easier to grasp can ensure you can be in your kitchen and your entire home far more easily as you age. Putting in upgrades such as new shelving that slides in and out as well as non-slip flooring reduces the risk of dangerous kitchen accidents. 

Energy Efficiency 

Another reason to redo your kitchen is to make it more energy efficient. Modern appliances use far less energy. A new refrigerator, stove and microwave with a high energy efficiency rating makes your kitchen greener. Redoing the kitchen can also reduce your home’s utility bills. You can also install new materials that are all natural. Items like marble countertops and wood and glass cabinets add beauty while also making the best use of readily available materials. An energy efficient kitchen has items like flooring that will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That makes the kitchen an even more inviting place. 

Resale Value 

If you are thinking about putting your house for sale, redoing your existing kitchen adds lots of value. A well done kitchen upgrade makes your home stand out in a crowded housing market. Think about what modern buyers are likely to want in a new kitchen. Carefully chosen colors, user friendly cabinets, and contemporary fixtures and appliances are likely to to please a wide range of buyers. That helps you get a higher price for the home once you put it up for sale.