This year’s trending interior design colors embody nature. Using 2024’s top paint colors in your Arlington, TX, home won’t result in a “trendy” look that quickly goes out of date. The year’s top colors include rich browns, deep burgundies, and the pastels of flower petals.

8 Trending Colors

In 2024, homeowners want to make bold statements in each room of their homes. To do this, they’re turning to assertive colors that provide a timeless look and pastels that evoke romance and luxury. While painting offers the easiest way to infuse your home with a new look, you’ll also spot these colors used in wallpaper designs this year. Let’s consider this year’s top eight colors.

Wallpapers may combine more than one of these shades, such as a black marble design using marigold and mauve streaks or a woodgrain wallpaper that combines brown and black.

Using Color Trends in Your Home

You don’t have to repaint your entire home to update it. Statement and feature walls continue to offer homeowners a quick way to transform a room. For example, in a white or cream room, paint one wall with a window at its center black, then trim the window in a light pink. Hang curtains containing the year’s warm red with accents of pink, mauve, and marigold. You’ll instantly go from drab to wow with only a day’s work.

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